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Dear friends,

Through the course of our history together, we have experienced so much joy and discovery. We have been incredibly fortunate to work with so many talented artists and poignant critics. And, we are proud of our contributors for their work and their spirit.


Sadly, this venture must come to end.


We have struck out together, you and I, to find treasure, buried in the deep mysteries of our lives, and find treasure we did. Now, we bid you good luck and farewell.


We will continue to preserve our Belles-lettres in our archive and these will be available for you to read anytime. So please, take some time one fine evening, when the sun has just begun to set the eastern hills on fire, grab an issue off the shelf, settle in with your favorite libation, and enjoy the finest Buried Letter Press could offer you.


Sincerely yours,

Matthew C. Mackey

Founding Editor

Buried Letter Press

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