PRESSIFESTO! (the magazine is manifesto)





BURIED:put in the ground and covered with earth or put into a vault, or into the sea; cause to sink; covered in order to conceal from sight.

LETTER:a written or printed communication; a symbol or character that is conventionally used in writing and printing to convey meaning; piece of printing type bearing character; a formal document granting a right or privilege; actual and official terms or wording; learning; knowledge.

PRESS:to act upon; to move by weight or force; to weigh heavily upon; to hold closely; to preserve; to extract, squeeze out, or express; to urge or entreat strongly; to plead with insistence; to urge onward or to push forward; publications for the broadcasting, gathering, and transmission of ideas.


The magazine is free. This belongs to you. It always has. Take it. This is collective mind and energy. This is thought and conversation. This is opportunity. This is voice, and it belongs to everyone.


Buried Letter Press is an attempt to resurrect the art of conversation, to find the lost voices of society, and bring to light a new consciousness. We believe letters illuminate the lives of those who speak through them, and that, too often, these letters get buried, silenced, forgotten. We want to dig up the buried letter and sing it out.

We believe conversation is a means for real change, and we think that both art and criticism give us opportunity for dialogue. We believe that art is criticism and vice-versa. We believe art shouldn’t be kept in the penitentiary of the institution, the machine of consumerism. No, art and criticism belong to the people. This is one voice among the vox populi. We believe in a multitude of minds, speaking in a myriad of voices, and we believe everyone should be allowed to speak up. We believe that open discussion is the beginning of freedom, and we want to lift latches, turn keys, and open doors.

Our mission is to deliver news, commentary, criticism, art, experimentations, expressions, meaningful work from all over the world for people all over the world. The magazine is free, alive, and human.



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